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How To Embed Google Map for FREE

Follow the below steps to get your google map iframe embedded quickly within your website.

  • Input your desired address in the form above.
  • Customise the map by setting the zoom level and resize map to your desired size by using the width and height settings.
  • Once you are happy with your map click the Get Html Code button and copy and paste the code onto your site.

The map will always be free to use on any website.

embed Google map without an API key


The map can be used on any website including Wordpress. Use the map generator at the top of the page to generate your Google map.

  • checkbox Works on any website
  • checkbox No coding knowledge required, just copy and paste the code
  • checkbox Fully responsive will work on any screen size
  • checkbox Works for any location included but not limited to the UK and US.
  • checkbox Free forever

The fastest and safest way of embedding google maps within your website without needing an API key.

Advantages of using Google maps on your website

Google has the best consumer facing map coverage in the world most of the worlds road networks, addresses are covered.

You can use a map on your website to help your visitors find your business but can also be used by bloggers, reviewers and other websites.

Street view is also included which allows your visitors to see what the location looks like in person. Using a map directly on your site will also keep visitors on your site for longer instead of them being directed to Google.

Used by billions of people daily the map service by Google helps users navigate, learn and plan there route. Recently Google made the Google Map API a paid service but this is only applicable to very high use cases and most sites don't need to worry.

The new pricing model comes with a monthly £200 worth of credits which is enough for most websites. Whether they're on a contact page, or something more complex like a store finder functionality.

Since using our tool does not require an API key you won't need to enter your payment details and won't be charged.

The limitation of using our tool is that you cannot customise some things but instances this is not an issue because we do support width and height customisation, zoom level, location and satellite/road map mode.

Add Google map to website

By using our Google map code/iframe generator at the top of this page you can quickly generate your map without needing to write any code or read Google technical documentation. Our free tool will always work and connects directly with Googles services.

Useds by thousands of websites our tool is the most trusted way to embed maps onto your website.

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Answers to your questions

How to embed a Google map?

Using our Google map code generator quickly generate your map without needing to write any code. Copy and paste the generated code to your website. The tool is completely free to use and will work on any website.

How to embed a Google map in Wordpress?

Use our free tool to generate all the code required to quickly create an embeddable map for your wordpress site. No coding knowledge is required.

How to embed Google map in HTML?

The easiest way to embed the google maps within your website is to use our free tool. Provide the location, set the width and height and copy and paste the generated HTML code to your website.

How to embed Google map in HTML using iframe?

Instead of writing the code yourself our free code generation tool will give you the iframe including the html code for your Google map. Our code is fully responsive and will work on all screen sizes.

How to embed a Google map with multiple locations?

Google only supports one location at a time. To support multiple locations you can generate multiple maps using our free google map code generator. Our tool will generate the code needed for your website. Just copy and paste and you are done.

How to change Google map embed to be responsive?

Using our Google map generator set the width and/or height to auto adjust. This will make map take up the space available to it automatically. Otherwise you can provide fixed width and/or height.

How to embed Google map without an API key

You can embed a Google map without needing an API key using our Google map widget. The widget is free to use and can be used on any website. You can customise the size, zoom level, map types (Satellite, Road Map) and location.

Difference between Google map type modes?

We support the following map types: Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid and Road Map. Satellite mode gives a coloured depiction as seen from above. The road map type is the default used by our tool but can be changed to Satellite mode by changing the mode within the tool generator.